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Swimming pools are a huge investment. Having a swimming pool comes with extra responsibilities. A little swimming pool shade can work wonders. Have you given it a thought? Shades provide huge benefits that can help you to manage the pool with optimum efforts.

A Quick Glimpse at Some Benefits of Swimming Pool Shades:

It Reduces the Pool Operating Costs

Besides the shade blocking ultraviolet sun rays, it also decreases heat within the pool and the outdoor functional area. This helps trim down maintenance costs.

It Provides Ultimate Solar Protection for Pool Areas

The shades effectively filter dangerous UV rays, which are harmful to our bodies. Extensive exposure to it can harm the body. Outdoor pool shade reduces 75% UV rays exposure.

Prevention of Debris

Leaves, flowers and sticks are prevented from falling into the pool thanks to the shade. You would probably love relaxing in a clean pool rather than an unclean one.

At Al Hamra, we provide high-quality swimming pool shades that are available in different sizes, shapes and colours. With our wealth of experiences, we ensure our customers’ needs are fulfilled.

Call us to speak with one of our customer care representatives to get a free quote. Whether your swimming pool needs a cantilever shade, hip shade, shade sail, commercial-grade umbrella or personalized swimming pool shade that’s uniquely designed for you, we have got you covered.

We Provide Swimming Pool Canopies To Protect Seating Areas, Amenities And, The Most Important Of All You.

A shade canopy from Al Hamra can limit the effects of the sun on your property. Why replace basic amenities every year? Shade coverage can prevent the sun from damaging your lounges, cushions, chairs and any furniture. 

Contact us today to receive more information about our swimming pool shades. One of our experienced professionals is on hand ready to answer your questions.

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